Scanning Options

Using Multifunctional Products (MFPs)
NovaCopy’s Document Management system accepts scanned documents from Multifunctional products that have scan-to-email. Only NovaCopy’s MFP Browser Firmware, transforms MFPs into a convenient scanning solution with a direct link to to your account. Installed on the MFP, NovaCopy Browser Firmware adds user-friendly prompts to the system's interactive touch-screen, allowing quick log in to your account, destination selection and filename entry. Just press "Start" and paper documents are transferred to your account via a secure HTTPS connection and converted to fully searchable PDF files. NovaCopy’s OCR services process all documents uploaded from the MFP and convert them to fully searchable PDFs, eliminating the need for separate OCR software.
Using Internet Faxes
Automatically store all your incoming and outgoing faxes electronically from any Internet Fax to your NovaCopy Account. Since each cabinet and folder in your account  has its own unique email address, you can receive a forwarded electronic version of your received invoices, order confirmations, packing slips and other faxes. Now if you want to know if a fax was received, simply sign-in to your your account from anywhere using a web browser.
Using Dedicated Scanners (High-volume Input)
For high-volume input, you can use a compatible scanner in conjunction with leading imaging systems (such as Kofax) to scan images into your account with indexing information for quick search and retrieval of these documents.

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