Document Sharing

NovaCopy provides a secure online environment where remote workers can store, share, manage and share on all types of documents regardless of geographic location. By creating online cabinets and folders inside account, you can store, organize and share documents just as you would on your computer or in filing cabinets. NovaCopy's sharing tools help teams complete projects faster while reducing costs, errors and delays.


  • Convenient method to share documents with customers, partners and remote employees without opening up your network or maintaining Virtual Private Networks (VPN) 
  • Your NovaCopy document solution account provides a central secure storage location
    that teams can access to get the latest information 
  • Easy to control who has access to information and what they can do with the files 
  • The NovaCopy application lets you check-in and check-out documents for editing to avoid duplicated efforts
  • Reduce time spent searching through email to find attachments and the most recent versions 
  • Maintain version history of stored documents
  • Share and comment on files over the Internet - speed up decisions, reduce overnight shipping costs and delays 
  • Advanced editing tools allow you to redact (black-out) text so you can share documents while protecting confidential information 
  • View and mark-up documents created in specialized applications even if you don't have the software that created the document on your computer
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