Document Sharing

You can use the NovaCopy document management solution as a central, secure means of electronically distributing documents and files to people inside and outside the corporate firewall. Branch offices, mobile and remote workers, vendors, partners, or anyone you authorize can access your account to get the information they need. Because you are able to set permissions at the Cabinet, Folder or Document level - you can control who accesses information and whether they can only view files or if they can make changes and add documents.


  • Eliminate the time to copy, package and ship documents 
  • Save on overnight delivery costs by scanning paper documents into the system
  • Quicker access to information
  • Get accurate and consistent data through a centralized distribution point
  • Reliable alternative to sending large attachments through corporate email
  • Email files from your account or send links to download (no attachments)
  • Receive email notifications when there is a change to a document or folder
  • Detailed audit reports provide a history of transactions of any document in your account


  • Forms, contract templates, price sheets
  • Presentations, catalogs, sales literature, logo files
  • Technical manuals, data sheets
  • Legal documents (for access by counsel
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly sales, inventory or shipping report
  • Bid documents and project specifications

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