All businesses face increasing federal, state, and industry regulations that mandate the handling of information contained in employee records, patient files, financial data and business processes. These regulations can be challenging for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and specialized solutions designed to help companies with compliance are often cost prohibitive and far to resource intensive for many SMBs. NovaCopy provides a simple and cost-effective solution to help SMBs comply with various federal, state and industry regulations.

  • Protect confidential records in secure data center where procedures and systems are maintained according to information security management system (ISMS) standards
  • Create permissions within your NovaCopy account that determine who has access to documents and what actions they can perform
  • Auditing capabilities produce detailed records (audit trail) on each document as well as the entire account
  • Use NovaCopy document management-enabled MFPs to scan paper documents directly to your account to eliminate the risk of storing them in filing cabinets that are susceptible to damage, theft and prying eyes
  • Improve response time by indexing documents for fast retrieval and eliminate delays associated with manual processing. You can locate a document in seconds without ever leaving your desk as opposed to waiting hours or days for requesting documents from off-site storage
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